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Mech Profiles

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Mech Profiles
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DI-003 Ice Drake

Nationality: Draconic Empire

Physical Appearance: In mech forum, The ice drake stands on two legs and has two arms, along with a prehensile tail, it uses a very angular disgin ment ot deflect ballistic shots,  especially of noted for haveing the lower jaw and upper jaw of its drake head, on the front and back of its torso respectivly, while in mech forum. In Drake forum it moves the joints to use its arms as forward legs, and move son all fours, the mechs head diveding in two and moveing into the torso of the machin.

Generator: The ice drake uses a C-class Static generator, allowing it consent supply energy, the specific generator uses various from machine to machine, with most using the standard DEEC manufactory, thought over time many machine have been ether supplemented with alternate generators, or been given equivalent generator from alternate manufactories’ when standard issue parts where not available. its avrage run time is 12 hours.

Mobility Systems: Using a standard Energy lift system, the Ice Drake can move in all directions, and defy gravity's pull. The average top speed 85 km/h.

Sensors: Along with the standard visual cameras and energy detectors located in the head. The Ice drake also has Infrared vision.

Special Systems: The main draw of the Ice Drake is its "Cold-Plasma" system that causes anything hit with the Ice Drakes Plasma based weaponry, to freeze up and be coated in ice, this system naturally causes massive cooling within the system, causing it to be all but invisible to Infra-red scanners.

Weapons In-hand: The standard arments of the Ice Drake is a Long ranged Eneergy rifle and energy blade for close combat. Gernades are given as the situation demands.

Weapons Built-in: The built-in weapons of the ice drake is blasters hidden under a pannel in the outer faceing forarm, their hands are disgiend to be capable to be used as claws in both mech and Drake forum. While in drake forum a plasma thrower in the head, which links directly to the machisn genrator, alowign for a devstateing freezeing breath. While normaly ment for grappleing the drake modes head "teeth' can be used to do minoir damage to enemy machins. In drake forum dagger legth energy blades may be extend from each "claws" knuckle alowing for devestateing close combat attacks.

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